Padded Gear Seat Adjustable-2pack

$232.99   Padded Gear Seat Adjustable-2pack  

Padded Gear Seat Adjustable-2pack

Padded Gear Seat Adjustable Height.


We sure can take any job that comes our way.

My clothes are clean.

I don’t thnk the owner works there).

My usual dry cleaner moved to another location so we decided to try out this place after a friend’s recommendation.

First disadvantage but well, not all stores do.

No apologies, NOTHING.

She tells me that she will call me when she finds it but still ask me to pay for it (seriously?.

), I go back to the store to check on my dress.

I let her know that I was expecting her call and the only excuse she had was that she got “a little sick” and once again, no apologies.

I really do think that losing a tag or whatever can happen (even if in years, it never happened to our old dry cleaner) but honestly, apologizing and try to make it to you is the minimum to keep your clients satisfied.

When I returned a few days later, I was told it was “missing.

You don’t charge a customer for a shirt you LOST.

Customer service here is always bad, but this sealed the deal.

Always super courteous.

Now I’m going to have to re-wash and fold my laundry to get the headache-inducing perfume out, after paying $45 for a modest-sized load.

I was shocked when it happened to us.

We’ve been coming here for 5 years and have been good customers, but that loyality wasn’t rewarded.

Always fair priced and well cared for clothes.

They took it back and blocked it to improve the situation, but it’s def not back to normal and it wasn’t a cheap sweater.

 The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and it seemed like they genuinely cared about their business.

but it did cost a pretty penny.

  Garden Cleaners rocks.

Laziness and proximity are why I keep bringing clothes here.

 I definitely recommend.

 one time even i gave them a lined jacket to clean which didn’t have a care or fabric content label and they actually called me to check to see if it was okay to dry clean.

We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience.

We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience.

We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience

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Looking for Eliminate Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner or Substitute …

$17.49   Jed Pool Tools 83-833 Inc 83-833 Filter Clean  

Jed Pool Tools 83-833 Inc 83-833

  • Bristles for a deep clean
  • Easily attach to garden hose
  • Trigger locking mechanism for consistent pressure
  • Non-slip strip on the front of the trigger
  • Easy to Use

JED Pool Tools, Inc. comes to the rescue for all your pool supply and accessory needs! We have got it all! Check out our JED catalog, which includes pool maintenance equipment-skimmers, leaf rakes, thermometers, pool vacuums, leaf sweeps, chlorinators, pool maintenance kits, through the wall skimmers, backwash hose and filter accessories, pool safety equipment, pool signs, repair kits, floating candles, pool fountains and even water toys!.


Its in the plumbing department.

I buy it there all the time and find it near the plumbing section.

(Had some bad experiences in the past

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How to Make and Use Garbage Enzymes

$159.2 more than 589 5-star reviews   Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pr  

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76

  • Detergent Selection Dial
  • Keeps High Pressure Hose Organized
  • Powerful 14.5 Amp 1800 Watt Motor
  • Trigger Gun/Spray Wand Holder
  • Garden Hose Adaptor (Female Coupler)

The reviews of competing pressure washers on Amazon and elsewhere repeatedly criticize flimsy and leaky connections. This pressure washer’s connections work well. Count us as satisfied owners. Performance. The Pressure Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer delivers it all to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment and more. Packed with an 1800-Watt/14. Remove tar and grease from concrete, heavy mildew stains, oil stains, rust from steel, caked mud on equipment and other stubborn gunk and grime. Other features include: 20 foot high pressure hose, 35 foot power cord, garden hose adaptor and a TSS (Total Stop System) trigger that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged


The efficacy of Garbage Enzymes as a fertiliser or pesticide or an air purifier is not yet verified by scientific research.

They have the potential to revolutionise our kitchens by converting our kitchen waste into something truly restorative.

The formula was researched and popularised by the founder of the Organic Agriculture Association of Thailand,  Dr.

The key ingredient is molasses, which the bacteria and microorganisms present in the waste metabolise into alcohol.

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes to make once you’re all set up with the ingredients and container, and the fermentation takes a minimum of 3 months, so it’s best to stagger the enzyme making in batches with labels on the container indicating the date they are made.

However you must open the lid once a week or once every few days to let out the gases, otherwise they may build up to explode in the container.

After 3 months, you can filter the residue to get a clear, dark brown liquid that has a fresh, sour smell like vinegar.

The required dilution ratios are provided below.

For highly degraded soils, spraying continuously for 3 months can help restore soil quality.

Concentrated solutions can burn the plant or make the soil too acidic.

They use GE once a week, by spraying the diluted solution (1:1000) on the leaves and the soil.

Unlike for gardening, you can be more flexible with the dilution rates.

Think of how much CO2 emitting fossil fuels can be avoided that would otherwise be used in making, packaging and transporting toxic cleaners, fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides.

Using GEs improves indoor air quality and promotes organic gardening or farming which will help generations to come, in terms of health and healthy soils.

 She is passionate about the role of individuals and communities in bringing about the much needed change we need to see in the world.

I have no doubt that a weak vinegar solution does help with cleaning, and if diluted, the nutrients in the solution would either help plants grow or at least not harm them.

Additionally, every 10 litres of liquid made uses a kilo of sugar, the production of which has a large carbon footprint.

Vinegar (home made or commercial) is a far simpler, less toxic and less carbon intensive product than a host of other cleaners available in the market.

– A kilo of sugar (and preferably unrefined sugar) is better than having the huge amount of kitchen waste bagged in plastic and sent to the incinerator – as is being done in Singapore.

– As a detergent, Teresa…if you’re going to reuse the water in any way, you can’t add anything to the conventional cleaner.

– i have been to the same forums you have…and have the same scepticism about the claims about whether this is a solution to global warming – this is the point I steer clear of in the article, as I am not clear about the science there…or the claims made on that count.

Lots on anti GE on the net.

I will forward this to one of the leading research institutions in India on organic farming, and find out where they stand on this…and will share the results when I hear from them.

To use it as a normal surface or window cleaner at least (even if you disagree with all the rest)…I still think this is a great idea to recycle kitchen waste into homemade vinegar.

And I wonder if you’re confusing GE with EM? EM, or Effective Micro-organism cultures are REALLY interesting and they are widely used in the Orient, and their use is growing over here, such as the growing popularity of Bokashi EM and EM-infused plastics.

Is it the placebo effect…i don’t know? But it should be interesting to find out more.

I’m going to add this thread as a link to the blog, so readers can see this discussion too, and come to their own conclusions.

From that you can ferment up a load and then spray it onto bran, and use that bran to make it easier to compost cooked food, meat, etc, and reduce the problems with rats.

From that you can ferment up a load and then spray it onto bran, and use that bran to make it easier to compost cooked food, meat, etc, and reduce the problems with rats.

This particular area of ‘greenness’ is new to me, although composting is not.

Eco WALK the talk Thanks OneNationUnderMom…though on this particular one, i seemed to have stirred a bit of controversy Don’t want to be promoting any pseudo-science…so emphasise its use as a vinegar.

John is absolutely awesome in his knowledge of composting (and am sure other things too.

Is it placebo…again I can’t say…but it has been very helpful in my case.

Are clinical tests the way they are conventionally framed the only way at looking at a particular problem holistically? I’m not always convinced…though of course, without a doubt, a science based approach is very critical in most cases.

So, if the GE is nothing but a vinegar or alcohol, sugar and water, it has to be useful.

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Home Depot customers are raving about 30 SECONDS Outdoor …


FILMTEC reverse osmosis (RO) elements offer the highest quality water for small commercial systems purifying less than one gallon per minute (0.2 m3/d) of RO water.3) 900 (3.5 Permeate flow rate and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 2000 ppm NaCl, 225 psi (15. Permeate flows for individual elements may vary +/-20%


Very satisfied customers.

We applied the water seal working down the deck again along the full length of the planks just as we did with the 30 Second Concentrate cleaner.

with so-so results.

Really cleaned off the mildew on the deck and restored the color to the deck flooring (composite material).

I also used it to clean algae etc.

I sprayed it on and then started scrubbing with a brush.

so encouraging….

Since we have been manufacturing 30 SECONDS for over 35 years, I have a few pointers I’d like to share.

If the color doesn’t fade within the first 15 minutes, then you are good to go.

The best place to wash the cover is in the grass.

The cleaner has a tendency to pool in the grooves of the stitching.

And if you choose to proceed, you are going to see how easy 30 SECONDS is to use.

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Text, graphics, and HTML code are protected by US and International Copyright Laws, and may not be copied, reprinted, published, translated, hosted, or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission.

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Pond Cleaners


The Pura #20 12 Volt UV12 Filter System Control Module is a replacement 12 volt control module for any Pura UV20 water filter system that does not include a solenoid valve or an audible alarm.


Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.

Please turn it on or check if you have another program set to block cookies.

Find the right pond cleaner for your water feature.

We stand by the quality of our products and our service.

Check back often to view new articles, videos, blog posts and Facebook updates and join our online community.

We support nonprofit gardening, hunger-relief and community organizations with volunteer time and donations of 8% of our pre-tax profits

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Frank Lloyd Wright landscaping tips: Don't trim shrubs into topiary …

$70.99   In-Line Flaring Kit Metric-2pack  

In-Line Flaring Kit Metric-2pack

In-Line Flaring Kit Metric Kit.


The visionary designer responsible for introducing us to the concept that buildings should capture natural light, frame the scenery and erase indoor-outdoor boundaries was a landscape architect before he was fully involved with architecture, according to Molly Murphy, the director of the Wright-designed Gordon House near the Oregon Garden.

Reluctantly, Wright relinquished landscape responsibilities to designers such as the influential Olmsted brothers when he was overwhelmed with buildings and interiors, she added.

Wright designed the concrete-and-wood Gordon House in 1957 on farmland along the Willamette River for Evelyn and Conrad Gordon, who requested it be surrounded by native grasses and wildflowers.

It is the only Wright building in Oregon and the only one of his residences open to the public in the Pacific Northwest.

Volunteers and members of the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs and the Oregon Roadside Council have contributed to the new landscape, including donating the entry Gateway Garden and the first garden interpretive sign, which will be dedicated starting at 10 a.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site

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CLR® Power Plumber® Pressurized Drain Opener (PP4

$219.95 more than 95 5-star reviews   Phresh 701025 Carbon Air Filter, 10 by 39-Inc  

Phresh 701025 Carbon Air Filter, 10

  • 46mm (18″) RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon bed
  • Flange & pre-filter included
  • Unique “Anti Air Bypass” System
  • Sealed, bagged, boxed and labeled directly after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling and presentation
  • Large selection of sizes available to fit any application

I just ordered my second Phresh filter they are well worth the money. Mine has been running 24/7 for about 22 months and the last couple mornings with low hanging clouds and fog I can just get a whiff of something when coming back from walking the dog. How long your filter lasts or works does depend on your relative humidity levels as the RH% goes up the humidity clogs up the pores of the charcoal particles. Machine packed with 46mm RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon to ensure maximum carbon density with less movement than other filters. These filters offer a cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow. The 51% open air custom mesh design helps make these filters half the weight of other filters. Sealed, bagged, boxed and shipped immediately after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling and presentation.


Please refer to our Return Instructions for more information about returning a purchase.

After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer directly.

*Gas-Powered Outdoor Equipment cannot be returned once gas or oil has been put in it, even if the Equipment has been drained of these materials.

I purchased CLR Power Plumber several months.

Only one application and the drain was clear.

Perhaps this product.

I like Ace for this and other reasons.

Maybe if your problem is in the trap it will work, but mine is a little further down the line.

I was about to give in to a plumber but decided to take a trip to ACE to see what I could find.

I like Ace for this and other reasons.

I can’t thank you enough.

It does the job right the first time.

I have tried so many things and they never work.

The best clog remover I have ever seen – used.

I love this and keep it handy for now on.

Two seconds seems to work better.

CLR is far more effective.

Only one application and the drain was clear.

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Concerns about toxic soils in New York's Community Gardens …

$149.8   IMPERIAL 90595 DRAIN VALVE WITH CABLE 1/4″ (P  


  • Solid Brass Air Tank Drain Valve.
  • Conveniently drains air brake systems with a simple pull.
  • Bleeder valve with remote cable, screws into existing air systems.
  • Size: 1/4″ male pipe thread
  • Cable Length: 5″


Solid Brass Air Tank Drain Valve.
Conveniently drains air brake systems with a simple pull.
Bleeder valve with remote cable, screws into existing air systems.
Size: 1/4″ male pipe thread
Cable Length: 5″


Good news for people who love ingesting arsenic and lead with their vegetables.

The New York Post reports that a study on soil contamination by the state Center for Environmental Health found toxic soil at 70 percent of New York’s gardens.

A Freedom of Information Law request by the Post revealed the exact names and locations those gardens most contaminated.

following the conclusion of testing several years ago, the Healthy Soils project sent letters to contacts in each of the 54 gardens with test results from their garden and recommendations to mitigate exposure of contaminants…after letters were sent, GreenThumb moved quickly to ensure that clean soil was brought into gardens that were identified with high levels of contaminants, in coordination with garden groups.

Inspirational, down-to-earth and a little bit quirky, Edible City captures the spirit of a movement that’s making real change and doing something truly revolutionary: growing the model for a healthy, sustainable local food system

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Xen-Lux Premium Odor Control Combo – 8″ Inline Fan &

$209.99   Xen-Lux Premium Odor Control Combo – 8″ Inlin  

Xen-Lux Premium Odor Control Combo –

  • Removes nearly 100% of organic odor and airborne particles in one pass
  • Includes premium 8-inch, 760 CFM inline fan
  • 1.25-inch thick carbon layer; rough-cut carbon pellets for max odor absorption
  • Turbine system provides whisper-quiet operation
  • Includes easily mountable, top-quality flange

. But not worth it..cheaper and works betterThe Xen-Lux fan combo set with high-flow carbon filter features a 8″ inline fan, True-Max Carbon 44 filter, and heavy-duty air flange. It has a speed of 2,910 RPM and a true rated air volume of 760 CFM (others quote 1,200 “peak” CFM for this blower). True-Max Carbon 44 Filter: The filter measures 19. Suitable for use in indoor grow rooms or other environments requiring high-quality, odor-free air. Rough-cut granules force air to stop and change direction for greater odor absorption


If you haven’t ever tasted a leek before, they are related to the onion and garlic.

They are composed of many delicate layers that are often full of dirt and sand, so you have to clean them before use.

You’ll also discard much of the leek because you only use the white and pale green portion of the stalk.

Using a knife, remove the roots portion off the bottom of the leek just above the base and discard.

You’ll only use the white and pale green portions of the leek.

Next, slice the white and pale green reserved portion in half lengthwise.

Place all the sliced leeks in a medium-large bowl, one with enough room to add water.

Fill the bowl with water and submerge the leeks.

Drain the leeks and water into a colander.

And not only leeks are really yummy, they are high in Vitamin C, Potassium, and protect against heart disease (source: What are the Benefits of Leeks?).

Thanks for providing a visual tutorial for me to send them to.

Check out my just posted recipe with Frikadellchen and leeks.

Thanks for the reminder.

I will next time, though

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Myron L T6/PH 0-5000 PPM 2-12 pDS/pH/Conductivity Meter

$556.33   Myron L T6/PH 0-5000 PPM 2-12 pDS/pH/Conducti  

Myron L T6/PH 0-5000 PPM 2-12

Myron L T6/PH 0-5000 PPM 2-12 pDS/pH/Conductivity Meter


Berkeley Parents Network > Reviews > House & Garden > Heating & Cooling Services > Heating Ducts Cleaning Questions 2008 – 2013 Recommendations 2004 – 2007 Recommendations 2003 & Earlier Related Pages Asbestos Insulation on Heating Ducts Heating & Cooling Systems 2008 – 2013 Recommendations Air duct cleaning Feb 2013 We really need to get our air ducts cleaned, and I would love a recommendation on a service somewhere between the apparent scam mail-coupon companies ($49.

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Please always check references first.

We recently used The Irish Sweep on two dryers, at two different locations.

Claire Lint Extractors came to my home about a month ago.

I purchased a Living Social deal a couple of months ago for Fresh Environment, and was pleased with the results.

I found their customer service to be excellent, the technicians called when they were on the way, and although they did the predictable upsell when they got to my house, they didn’t press the issue when I said I was going to stick with the basic service.

This didn’t happen, and I got royally scratched catching my terrified cat as she tried to bolt out the back door.

If you’re interested, feel free to email me and I’m happy to give you the name of the specific technician who performed the service for us (I’m sure they have many).

Yucky Ducts i didn’t get the dryer vent cleaned, but i got our house ducts cleaned by Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning Co in oakland 3 months ago – 510-893-1343.

melvin from atlas arrived with a big truck that sucks out the dust while he went around with a blower on each register to ”push” the dust out.

and wow, our furnace worked better and cleaner, as i am very sensitive to irritants.

Can anyone recommend a good company? Janet Disclosure: I’m in the heating and air conditioning business.

There will be less dust and dirt restricting the air flow On cleaning the air ducts.

We had one company come to our house and clean our ducts–it’s probably the one whose ad you saw.

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Read more, and see how you can help: BerkeleyParentsNetwork.

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